What is “Title I”?

Title I is the name of a program from the federal government that provides funding to school districts across our nation.

The purpose of the funding is to ensure that ALL students who are struggling in reading, writing, math, science and social studies can get the extra assistance necessary to help them succeed.

The funding is part of the “No Child Left Behind” Act of 2001. This type of assistance has been in existence since 1965 when President Lyndon Johnson signed the Elementary & Secondary Education Act. Every few years this legislation gets renewed, gets a new name and new requirements.

Title I is not a special education program. It is an added service for students to help them keep up with the expectations for their grade level.

Read on for more information or please click here for downloadable versions of our Parent Involvement Policy and our School/Home Compact

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Schoolwide Title I School/Home Compact

Dryden Elementary is a Schoolwide Title I elementary building. As such, all students may be eligible to participate in supplementary programs and/or utilize resources funded by the Title I program. Essentially, the school is provided with additional funds by the federal government to finance academic interventions and to hire well-qualified paraprofessionals to reinforce skills taught by your child’s teacher.

Student eligibility is determined using a variety of factors that include but are not limited to: teacher recommendation, standardized test scores, and socioeconomic factors.

This is a letter of commitment to show that the school and parents are working together as a team to insure the success of our students.

The school will support our young Cardinals by:

  • Delivering a high quality curriculum utilizing best practices of instruction.
  • Being a student advocate and seeking assistance for students' academic and social needs.
  • Striving to create a safe, supportive and welcoming classroom environment where all students are treated with respect and kindness.
  • Providing prompt and personal communication with all families to include:

  1. Newsletters
  2. School website
  3. Regularly scheduled parent-teacher conferences
  4. Report cards
  5. Access to staff
  6. Parent copy of assessment scores
  7. Opportunities for parents to be involved in school programs

As parents, you can support our young Cardinals by:

  • Speaking with your child about their school day.
  • Assuring that your child is punctual and attends regularly.
  • Supporting the school staff while communicating concerns, questions, and issues to teacher/staff.
  • Monitoring and assisting your child with his/her homework as needed.
  • Monitoring your child’s electronic device usage.

Students will support their own learning by:

  • Following the Cardinal Three and acting as a young scholar.
  • Attending regularly.
  • Completing homework, participating in class and asking for help when needed.
  • Bringing all paperwork home for parents/guardians.
Dryden Elementary School

Research indicates that parent involvement has multiple benefits for students and schools. Student benefits can include improved grades and test scores, better attendance, higher rates of homework completion, more positive attitudes towards school, less disciplinary actions, higher graduation rates and increased post-secondary enrollment. School benefits can include improved teacher morale, better ratings of teachers by parents, improved community perceptions and positive changes in student achievement.

With this in mind, Dryden Elementary School implements the parent involvement activities.

Dryden Elementary School supports parental involvement as both a valuable resource and ally in teaching and learning for our students. We consider parents/guardians essential partners in the educational and psycho-social development of their children.

The building principal will act as the key liaison for parent involvement. The building principal will provide leadership for the development and implementation of a parent involvement plan. Parent involvement may include both school and home activities. The parent involvement plan will include specific attention to obstacles, which preclude parent/guardian participation with intended remedies.

Recognizing that parents are the first teachers, we believe that parent involvement in our school is not limited to, but includes:

 Instilling an appreciation for the value of a sound education and a sense of individual responsibility for learning and achievement.
 Emphasizing the importance of daily attendance, attention in class, completion of all assignments and compliance with rules of conduct.
 Preparing the child for school by building positive home conditions that support learning and appropriate behaviors.
 Volunteering for and attending school-related activities, functions and events, including parent/teacher conferences.
 Serving on school-based committees and assisting in decision-making roles.

In order to facilitate a collaborative partnership, the school’s staff and administration, are committed to:
 Involving parents, students, and community members in advisory groups and committees at the school level.
 Maintaining an on-going effort to provide parents, students, and the community with information about our school.
 Establishing effective two-way communication with all families, respecting their diversity and various needs.
 Providing multiple ways in which parents, students, and community volunteers can support our schools and contribute to our students’ education and well being.
 Developing strategies and learning experiences to enable parents to participate actively in their children’s education.
 Providing support and coordination to implement and sustain appropriate parent involvement through their child’s attendance in our school and participation in our programs.
 Utilizing the school to connect students and families with community resources that provide educational enrichment and support.
 Coordinating the services and resources from other programs to maximize support to the parents and students.
 Annually evaluating the effectiveness of parent involvement strategies to identify and address barriers to participation and to use the results to redesign the strategies for maximum participation.

To provide parents with opportunities for participation in our Title I program and services, the school and administration will:
 Convene an annual meeting to explain the Title I program and to inform parents of their right to be involved in the program.
 Involve parents in the planning, implementation, and review of the school’s Title I program and parent involvement plan as appropriate.
 Provide information about the Title I program, student assessments, and proficiency levels in a language that parents can understand.
 Provide parents with opportunities to submit dissenting views about the school’s Title I program and parent involvement policies and practices.
 Offer a flexible schedule of meetings.
 Provide support or training to parents to build their capacity to be more involved in their child’s education and to be able to help their child’s learning at home.
 Provide support or training to build the staff’s capacity to effectively involve parents.
 Create collaborative school-parent agreements (compacts) which outline the responsibilities of the school, the parent and the student for a true partnership for improved student academic achievement.
Provide accommodations to facilitate participation of parents who are disabled, migratory/migrant or non-English speaking